Deionised Water or Distilled Water?


Distilled water is often confused with deionised water as they are both very pure types of water and in some cases can be used for the same applications, when considering Deionised water or Distilled water, it is important to recognise that they are both manufactured in different ways and you should check with your supplier which if you can used Deionised or Distilled Water.

Distilled water is much more complicated and more time consuming to produce then deionised water therefore distilled water is considerably more expensive to buy, deionised water is usually a favourite type of purified water used in businesses as it is more cost effective but yet it is still a very pure type of water.

Deionised Water

Deionised Water is manufactured by a method called deionisation; deionisation is a process that involves passing water through filters which are made up from porous beds of ion exchange resin. The resin resembles ‘wet sand’ which is made up of hundreds of tiny balls which resemble tiny beads. There are positive ions called ‘anions’ and negative ions called ‘cations’. As water passed through these filters ‘porous beds’, the ions are removed from the water and Deionised Water is produced.

Deionised water has many name, you may recognised by other names commonly used such as De-ionised water, De-mineralised water, Demin Water, DI Water or DIW, ‘Deionised’ is of also often spelt with a letter ‘z’ as in De-ionize, Deionized, Demineralized and Demineralization. In effect, all these names are the same and all mean the same produced material which is known as Deionised Water.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is manufactured by the known method distillation hence the name Distilled Water. To distil water, it is heated in a vessel until water vapour appears, this vapour is then collected in a separate vessel, cooled and condensed. As the vapour condenses it returns to a liquid state this liquid state is known as Distilled Water. Distilled Water is a very high pure type of water with almost no trace elements, minerals or other impurities.

When choosing between using Deionised Water or Distilled Water, it is important to remember the benefits from each as both are produced using different methods, each type of water varies considerably in price, with Distilled Water being much more expensive than Deionised Water. This is because the process of distillation takes more time to produce Distilled Water. The favourite choice is Deionised Water as it is more cost effective to use this within a business as both types of water can be used for the some applications so it is worth checking with your water supplied to confirm if you can use Deionised Water.

If you are at all unsure about any aspects of Deionised Water VS Distilled Water, you should always contact your Water supplier to clarify which type of water you should or could be using.  This could save you a great deal of money as Distilled Water is always more expensive than Deionised Water.

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