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Deionised Water in bulk


Deionised water like many products when purchased in bulk can save you a lot of money, so it useful if you can find a supplier who will supply you more than one container, a supplier which offers bulk deals a pallet load of 25 litre containers saving you £X is usually a good start as they will more then likely help you save more money.

Deionised water is most useful in 25 litre containers as it comes with a tap which can makes the product easily dispersed where it needs to be. Being a 25 Litre container it is small enough to be carried by a person yet big enough to be able to refill the application needing deionised water.

When buying deionised water you may not need a large quantity at once because your application may only require let’s say “3x 25 Litre containers” of deionised water at one time, so you may only think to purchase the amount you require, but if you look at the long term savings your make in money it is better to buy a bulk load of water and have it sat there ready for when you need to use your deionised water.

So you’re thinking of buying it in bulk, but what other benefits are there?

Not only will you save a huge cost on the product as the supplier we have found on our product list page gives you a good discount when buying multiple deionised water containers, but you will also save on repeat delivery cost’s when you order over 4 x 25 Litre containers of Deionised water these go on a pallet as its cheaper for delivery and a pallet can take anywhere between 20-30 containers of deionised water, meaning if you purchased a bulk amount not only do you get the product discounted but you could save £100’s in delivery.

Deionised water is manufactured and produced by a de-ionisation factory or de-ionisation plant, To product deionised water you need special de-ionisation equipment, this equipment passes normal water ‘tap water’ through special filters called ion exchange resin beds in order to remove mineral ions, after this process has complete the results is what knows as deionised water which is also known as deionized water, de-mineralised water, DIW or DI Water.

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