About Deionised Water


Deionised water is water which has been purified by means of a process called de-ionisation. Deionisation is manufactured by a process which creates pure Deionised Water which is often used for battery top water, steam irons or washing processes. The Deionisation process involves passing ‘tap water’ or general water through special filters known as ion exchange resin porous beds. When the water passes through these porous beds the ion exchanges take all the impurities out like the ions also known as minerals ending in the final result of Deionised Water.

General water ‘tap water’ has many mineral impurities in it which will affect certain types of application; this is why we use deionised water. Distilled water is another type of purified water which can be used for similar applications but is much more expensive to produce. Deionised water is a quick and easy process and relatively straight forward which makes deionised water the cheaper favourite of purified water.

Deionised water has many names and is often referred to as Demineralised water, DI Water, D-I Water, DIW or Demin Water. Some people spell the words ‘Deionised’ and ‘Demineralised’ differently they use a ‘z’ instead of the letter ‘s’ as in Deionized water, Demineralized Water, Demineralization. All these names mean the same thing which is a purified type of water which has had the mineral ions taken out of it.

Deionised water can also be used to create distilled water, but why would we use pure water to create another form of pure water?

Well that’s easy because Deionised water is already a form of pure type of water when you put it though the distillation process it makes an extremely high quality Distilled water, this super pure water is only needed for special types of application, it costs a considerable amount more than Deionised water or Distilled water so there’s no need to panic and buy it unless you really need it

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